General description

The 9km Montani tour is accessible all year round and because of its low levels of altitude, it can be recommended even for inexperienced hikers.

Route description

As of the hotel Latscherhof about 20m of the street high up to the asphalt way which branches off on the right and runs through the fruit plants. getting in at the end of the way to the opposite forest motor road, big iron gate. Duch leads a light woods area and the forest motor road after some hairpin bends where the way back also starts rising moderately-one reaches the junction-to Morter. One leaves the forest motor road for short time and chooses a narrow woods path which in turn leads to the forest motor road and leads to the castle complex obermontani. On a narrow path to the ruin Untermontani get off and for the wood bridge rooferd over, on the right branch off and in the direction of slouch along, beer cellar, go on. more briefly, the fruit plant crosses increase after to the Mareinwaalwhich leads beer cellars to the inn. From there the asphalt way trough fruit plants back to the starting point.

Ufficio per il Parco Nazionale dello Stelvio
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