Located in Prad am Stilfserjoch/Prato allo Stelvio – the main town of the National Park Region, the aquaprad Visitor Centre is centred on the fundamental role of water in the National Park.
The continuous exhibition is called ‘Amongst The Fish – A Journey Into A Strange World‘.

Twelve natural aquariums in the aquaprad combine to recreate an aqueous high mountain biotope comprised of streams, rivers, a lake, a moor and a pond. Thanks to a transparent wall, visitors can observe 30 different types of native freshwater fish in their natural habitat. The European pond turtle, native to this region, as well as reptiles and amphibians can also be seen at close quarters.

Through large panoramic windows, visitors can gain an insight into the local, but unknown world of fish fauna. The emphasis is clearly on autochthone fish, i.e. native fish of South Tyrol.

Glaciers - white world in change

The freshly fallen snow glistens in the sun and the ice shimmers blue if it contains a large amount of air. It also shimmers turquoise like the water in mountain lakes.

Glacier streams know no borders. They are able to move large rocks and they are grinding the landscape. These giants move elastically and rigidly towards the valley and are keeping the nature alive.

However, the glacial retreat represents a major challenge to the complex ecosystem.