In the village of Trafoi along the Stilfserjoch/Stelvio Pass, the naturatrafoi Visitor Centre shows how nature has successfully managed to adapt in this high Alpine region. With sometimes extreme weather conditions as well as the unique geology of the Ortler, both animals and plants have had to evolve a number of ingenious survival strategies.

The exhibition thus offers fascinating insights into the geology of the Ortler Cevedale Mountain Group and into the survival, adaptations and strategies of plants and animals under the extreme climatic conditions of the high mountains.


The exhibition demonstrates the hard fight for survival of flora and fauna in the upper mountain regions.

Only a few specialist plants can withstand the inhospitable and rough conditions beyond the tree line. Impressive photo panels, an exhibition cinema, as well as rocks and furs introduce visitors to the ‘Life on the Edge’. For our little visitors, we have prepared some games, fairy-tale listening stations, as well as a stone puzzle for ‘active understanding’.