Special Bird Features (in German and Italian)
Why does the eagle owl have such big eyes? How does the cuckoo live? Where do swallows go in winter?
The answers to these and many other interesting questions can be discovered at the avimundus world of birds!
Activity type: guided tour
Duration: 1 hour
School levels: primary school, middle school

South Tyrolean Birds of Prey: Their Extraordinary Sensory Capabilities (only in German)
Birds of prey such as the eagles, falcons, owls and bearded vultures rule the Alpine skies, thanks to their acute hearing and ultra-sharp vision. On this guided tour, students learn to identify the different kinds of birds of prey in South Tyrol, observe their natural habitats and behavioural patterns.
Activity type: guided tour
Duration: 1 hour
School level: middle school, high school

Big & Little Birds
At the avimundus Visitor Centre, a variety of colourful birds can be observed at close range. We’ll look for our favourite species and then draw them!
Activity type: guided tour / workshop
Duration: 1 hour
School levels: kindergarten, primary school

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