Healthy and tasty: fresh produce from the Nördersberg mountain in Schlanders/Silandro

Run by the Gutgsell family, the Niederegghof farm is located within the boundaries of the Stelvio National Park. The entire land area under cultivation, including its pastures and orchards, have been in the hands of one family for over a century, and extends across the fertile Nördersberg mountain above Schlanders.

The Gutgsells grow vegetables, spices, herbs and fruit. Their ecologically-sustainable produce is thus moved directly from the fields to the consumer. Vegetables are cultivated without any chemical pesticides, using only sustainable weed management methods and fly nets.

Their wide range of fresh products range from the renowned Vinschgau/Val Venosta Valley apricot to indigenous potato varieties. The Niederegghof also farms mountain artichokes, field vegetables, lettuce, chives, parsley, basil, and berries such as chokeberries, raspberries, blackberries, as well as apples.

Any true mountain farm cannot be without livestock. At the Niederegghof, long-standing chicken breeds yield premium-quality eggs that hatch during winter. Typical farm quadrupeds, such as donkeys and pigs, graze and forage in the sunny fields of the Vinschgau Valley.

The Stelvio National Park isn’t only about livestock and farming. Nature conservation is a vital issue for local residents as well as mountain farmers such as the Gutgsell family. This includes forest management, such as the removal of dead wood, which is sawn, chopped and dried before being sold off at the farm.

Daniel Gutgsell
Monte Tramontana 31
I – 39028 Silandro
tel. +39 347 9115804