In the south-eastern region of the Ortler Region, the Ultental/Val d’Ultimo Valley is the only valley community in the Stelvio National Park in South Tyrol that lies outside the Vinschgau/Val Venosta Valley. Life in this remote Alpine valley still follows the old traditions, where the rustic fences are made from hand-woven larch-wood. As in the olden days, species-specific animal husbandry is still practiced, but the local farmers are also happy to show hikers the way up to the peaks of the Ortler Group.

From the village of St. Pankraz/S. Pancrazio in the east, to settlements such as Zuwasser, St. Walburg/S. Valburga, St. Nikolaus/S. Nicolò and St. Gertraud/S. Gertrude at the bottom of the Ultental Valley, across the Stelvio National Park one is confronted by unspoilt nature with high mountain meadows, deep forests and dark-blue mountain lakes. The interactive, modern Culten Museum near the archaeological excavation site in St. Walburg and the lahnersäge Visitor Centreare also worth visiting. With its 200-year-old Venetian saw, the multimedia lahnersäge Visitor Centre recounts the history of wood manufacturing in this Alpine region.