In Merano and Environs and the Venosta Valley, Seibstock is a long-established brand both locally and further afield. Despite its long legacy, Seibstock has managed to keep abreast of the times. Founded as a delicatessen store back in 1890, the speciality shop is one of the first gastronomic enterprises to have consistently committed itself to sustainability. The Seibstock product line is based on regional supply and seasonal availability, thus avoiding unnecessary transport logistics. In South Tyrol and elsewhere, this is also known as "0 Km" product sourcing.

When he created the "Seibstock Manufaktur" processing facility, Peter Seibstock took his innovative concept a major step further. His idea was to support local mountain farmers by establishing a processing facility in the heart of the Martelltal/Val Martello Valley in close proximity to his suppliers, thus cutting out long-distance transport. To local farmers, for whom a large capital investment in food processing equipment was out of the question, Seibstock’s capital investment added value and cut costs. Moreover, it relied on renewable energy and helped the farmers to pool their resources.

To quote Peter Seibstock: "Our mission is to offer the public premium foods made with regional produce of the highest quality. We provide local farmers with added marketing support, thus promoting production biodiversity". The owner is adamant that he will never compromise on food quality, nor is there any need for him to do so.

With their unusually high fruit content, Martelltal Valley jams and other products from the Stelvio National Park are available at local delicatessens, and through the Seibstock online e-shop, with growing interest from the international market.

Seibstock Manufaktur Srls
Peter Seibstock
Trattla 246
I-39020 Martell/Martello (BZ)
call +39 349 531 7655