After taking over the farm in 1991, the Perkmann family started experimenting with various innovative techniques enabling them to grow special mountain herbs at an elevation of 1,200 m. The Laimburg Research Centre for Agriculture and Forestry in Auer/Ora (South Tyrol) participated in their trials in optimizing cultivation and production, and their initial output was a modest 80 bags of tea.

The Innertasahof farmstead in the Martelltal/Val Martello Valley has a total of 800 sqm allocated to herb production, and the packaging on the teas grown on the farm are labelled as follows: "These herbs were grown with love and farming skills on the sunny slopes of the Martelltal Valley!" The various tea blends contain fragrant herbs ranging from mountain lemon balm, peppermint, scarlet beebalm to nettle, ribwort and chamomile, mallow and marigold. The high popularity of the Innertasahof farm herbal salt can be attributed to aromatic ingredients such as marjoram, mountain basil and rosemary and potpourris – all mixed in by hand.

Besides the cultivation of herbs, berries and vegetables are also grown on the Innertasahof, depending on the season. The berry crop in the sunlit fields on the lower side of the valley enjoy ideal conditions for growing and ripening, while potatoes and cauliflower thrive in an adjacent vegetable patch. Strawberries also thrive at the Innertashof, developing their most intense fragrance at higher altitudes. This enables them to mature later in the year as compared to strawberries farmed in the plains and valleys lower down. The Perkmann’s farm produce including berries and herbs can be found at the local MEG Martell Producer's Cooperative retail outlet.

Perkmann Family
Ennewasser Innertasahof, 179A
I-Martell/Martello 39020 (BZ)
call +39 333 36 72 880