At an elevation of 1,200 m, the Altes Gang Wirtshaus farm in the mountains of the Martelltal/Val Martell Valley has been under the ownership of the Gluderer family for decades. Passed on from one generation to the next, this family farm in the tranquil village of Gand/Ganda in the Stelvio National Park is flanked by steep mountain slopes on both sides.

Here, farmer Roland Gluderer cultivates berries and vegetables, following an unusual technique. His premium-grade strawberries and raspberries are left to grow for about four or five years. After harvesting, he plants cauliflower. These and his other vegetables thrive in this mountainous terrain, alternating with the berry crop enabling the soil to replenish and allowing nature’s cycle to fulfil its role.

These tough conditions are, in fact, ideal for cultivating berries and certain kinds of vegetables, enhancing their fragrant aroma. The abundant snow that falls in the cold winter months protects and moistens the delicate seedlings, helping them survive throughout the harsh mountain winters. Exposure to the heat of the summer sun alternates with cool nocturnal breezes, which helps to produce the intense and unique fragrance of the slow-ripening strawberries at these altitudes. The high elevation favours sustainable agriculture, with the harvesting season extending from mid-June to early October. The hand-picked berries directly end up with the consumer.

The farmstead is also home to assorted livestock. Besides the calves grazing in the meadows, there are around 200 free-range chickens roaming around the barn and out in the field. Thanks to a large covered area, the chickens can also graze outside even during the cold winters, and hay is spread on the ground for them to feed on. The chickens also readily help themselves to whatever might be left over in the orchard and vegetable patches. Natural, species-specific feed ensures the excellent quality of their eggs.

Altes Gang Wirtshaus Farm
Roland Gluderer
Gand/Ganda 67
I-39020 Martell/Martello (BZ)
call +39 333 730 9830