The MEG Producers' Cooperative in Martelltal/Val Martello Valley is today the agricultural hub of what was once regarded as a backwater in South Tyrol, within the boundaries of the Stelvio National Park. At an elevation of between 900 m – 1,600 m, and with a total of 44 farms under cultivation it embodies the pioneering and innovative farming spirit of this sub-region.

Back in 1989, a number of high mountain farms, producers and direct marketeers decided to affiliate and coordinate their activities, which led to the establishment of the MEG Martell Producers' Cooperative. Nowadays, the annual production output of these fruit farms ranges between 800 and 1,000 tons. This is comprised of soft fruits such as raspberries, blackberries as well as red & black currants, blueberries and not least, strawberries. Stone fruit including cherries and apricots also thrive and, like soft fruit, develop a fragrant intense aroma in these parts.

In summer, vegetables including cauliflower, potatoes, red/white cabbage, as well as red chicory/radicchio are also grown for the domestic market. Approximately a third of the land used for cultivation is rotated, helping it to fully replenish. In keeping with the seasons, such conservationist-oriented farming practices offer increased sustainability. Farmers forming part of the Coop are able to harvest at least two different crops, which affords them with increased crop diversity, higher quality and increased revenue.

MEG products proudly display the “South Tyrolean Seal of Quality” hallmark.

The role of the MEG
The formation of the cooperative took the economic pressure off the individual family farms enabling producers to develop more innovative and sustainable businesses by coordinating their activities rather than competing as self-standing operators. Individual farmers benefit from the cooperation with numerous other farms that form part of the coop. However, all responsibilities for farming and cultivation remain with the individual farmers, with MEG involved only in processing, warehousing and sales operations.

Seasonal fruit and vegetable sales
Strawberries: from June to mid-October
Raspberries: from July to October
Red currants: from end-June to mid-August
Black currants: from end-June to mid-August
Blackberries: from July to mid-August
Blueberries: from end-June to mid-August
Cherries: from end-June to mid-August
Apricots: from end-June to mid-August
Cauliflower: from July to October
Potatoes: from July to December
Red/white cabbage: from July to November
Red chicory & other vegetables: through July and August

MEG – Martell/Martello Producers' Cooperative
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