Over the centuries, most human activity in the Stelvio National Park has revolved around mountain farming and the hard life of the mountain farmers. This is reflected at the culturamartell Visitor Centre in the Martelltal/Val Martello Valley, with its contemporary museum of local history.

The permanent exhibition portrays the mountain farm as a self-sustaining family enterprise, recounting the life of its inhabitants, their constant hardships and forced emigration through the ages. But there are also tales of joy, including the more recent success story of how this traditional mountain valley, a magnet for visitors, is readying itself for the future.


Farming culture and cultural landscape – yesterday and today.

The Martell Valley is strongly marked by mountain agriculture. The hard living conditions of mountain farmers have created a very different mentality in the inhabitants of this valley. During the exhibition, some of these inhabitants speak through audio and video about the hard work on the mountains, their culture and customs, as well as offer insight into their life through some funny stories.

The centre-piece of the exhibition is the living area, just as it would be in everyday farming life. The customs are manifold and some of them are obscure. People’s beliefs and the religious methods used by mountain farmers often conquer natural powers.

Flowers – Meadows – Life

When one thinks of the Alpine pasture, one mainly thinks of grass. But here, one learns about the other forms of vegetation sharing this habitat, how meadows were created and why they are necessary. “Flowers – Madows – Life”, are the subject of this exhibition.

Entrance fee

Adults: 3 €
Pupils, students, people in military or civil service, people with disabilities, adults (from 65 years of age), groups of at least 10 persons: 2 €
Family Card (2 adults with children under 14 years of age): 7 €
Family Card (1 adult with children under 14 years of age): 4 €
School classes: 1,50 €/pupil
Tour guide (for groups of at least 5 to a max. of 20 persons): 1 € plus the entrance ticket