Eberhard Reinstadler’s “Holzecke” carpentry workshop is located on the outskirts of Sulden/Solda, just below the Kanzel ski lift. Looking out on the majestic Ortler Mountain, the workshop doubles as a shop. The intricately-crafted Swiss stone pine objects include utilitarian items such as wooden bowls, plates, bread bins, cutting boards, cases, welcome-plaques, name-plates and various curios. With some items also made from local birch, Reinstadler’s traditional yet innovative designs include wall-mounted and pendulum wooden clocks – with gears entirely made of wood. This malleable, yet durable natural material, lends itself to all sorts of shapes and sizes.

Where does the wood used at Eberhard Reinstadler’s Holzladele workshop actually come from? The tree trunks and branches are sourced from the forests around the village of Sulden in South Tyrol, in the Stelvio National Park near the border with Switzerland. Son of a mountain guide, Eberhard Reinstadler goes on long hikes in search of the right materials; his knowledge of the local forests enabling him to identify stone pine and birch wood. Looking back at his career, Reinstadler muses: "As a material, wood caught my interest since I was a boy. I was only 13 when I carved my first wooden bowl out of Swiss stone pine, and four years later my parents bought me my first lathe. Later I invested in a band saw and a vertical panel saw to section the wood more easily".

After cutting, the wood pieces are brought into the workshop where he skilfully transforms them into crafted items, using a combination of age-old techniques and modern technology.

Holzecke Sulden
Eberhard Reinstadler
Ofenwies 111
39029 Sulden (BZ)
call +39 348 7924665