North of Schlanders/Silandro, lies the old village of Laas/Lasa at the foot of the Stelvio National Park. Facing the Sonnenberg mountain, this historic settlement is made up of traditional stone-walled buildings and farmsteads that blend in with more recent constructions to create a small, yet vital urban centre.

Long-renowned for its marble quarries, Laas first appears in the old records dating back to 1209 AD. With a population of almost 4,000, the municipality of Laas encompasses the satellite villages of Allitz/Alliz, Eyrs/Oris, Tschengls/Cengles, Tanas as well as Tarnell/Tarnello and Parnetz. Surplus white marble from the quarries was utilised to pave the roads in Laas, giving the village streets a particularly bright look. The apse of its 12th Century parish church is also made of white marble.

Laas is also known for its quality fruit and vegetables, most notably apricots, pears and cabbage, used to make traditional sauerkraut. The hiking trails alongside the old Kandlwaale water canals, which brought water to the village are ideal for country walks.