At the Stelvio National Park, we are acutely aware of our responsibility for the environment. We stand for lasting values and we support the sustainable development of the
Alpine region together with the judicious and innovative deployment of its natural resources. By networking with all our regional partners, we also seek to open new directions both in tourism and agriculture.

The Inhabitants of the Stelvio National Park
Embedded in the unique high mountain terrain of the Stelvio National Park, the mountain settlements have, for centuries, harmoniously co-existed with their natural surroundings. Over time, they themselves have been formed by their vigilance and custodianship of their environment.

Care and Preservation of the Cultural Landscape
South Tyrolean mountain farmers methodically work the land to generate authentic products. On these steep mountain slopes, their daily toil makes a valuable contribution to help preserve the Alpine landscape. But the mountain farmers also help to safeguard the cultural landscape itself. For this, they deserve a big THANK YOU. We fully support their consistent efforts to attain the most beneficial outcomes for both Man and the Environment.