From the glaciers of the Ortler Cevedale Group to the green meadows of the Vinschgau/Val Venosta Valley, the pristine Stelvio National Park extends across mountain pastures and enchanting Alpine villages. In the South Tyrolean areas of the National Park the inhabitants cultivate the land in harmonious symbiosis with Nature. Keenly aware of their responsibility towards the environment, their traditional approach to crop farming and animal husbandry is both measured and respectful of the land, without eschewing innovation.

In cooperation with other regional operators, the inhabitants of the Stelvio National Park have broken new ground in promoting sustainability both in local agriculture as well as local tourism. Besides farming and the production of traditional handicrafts, the mountain farmers of South Tyrol are actively involved in the maintenance of their cultural landscape, which would run amok if left untended. Traditional mountain farming is therefore of crucial importance in ensuring natural diversity, as well as the preservation of the cultural landscape of the region.

Effective coordination between agriculture and local tourism has helped to mutually reinforce these two important pillars of the local economy, and not to the detriment of environmental diversity.