Few would guess the number of rare plants, flowers, trees and shrubs that may be found in the seemingly barren high mountain landscape of the Stelvio National Park!

Edelweiss, arnica, gentian root and masterwort all thrive in these parts. The Alpine bell hides under the snow as does the glacier buttercup, which begins its flowering period after the ice has sufficiently melted to enable the sun's rays to penetrate through. The glacier buttercup grows at higher altitudes than any other flowering plant, with sightings as high as 4,275 m!

By contrast, the purple petals of the Alpine bells are already visible even as the snow melts. With their range of striking colours, primroses attract a variety of pollinating insects.

At the Visitor Centres, there’s much more to discover about the abundant plant life in the high mountains of the Stelvio National Park!