Sustainably produced – a labour of love

An assortment of local quality products representing nine award-winning Stelvio National Park producers, recognised for their sustainable production methods, are for sale at special display stands. There are homemade fruit jams, syrup, tea blends, fresh local cheeses, Kaminwurzen, bacon and other natural products from the Stelvio National Park farming community. The distinctive stands are made from local larchwood and spruce built by members of the Laces/Latsch Work Rehabilitation Centre, with the support of local businesses, under the auspices of IDM Südtirol|Alto Adige.

Your advantages

When buying Stelvio National Park products, you help to support the local economy, enabling eco-sustainable family enterprises and mountain farms to survive. The small-scale economy is thus able to continue functioning. All products on sale are Fairtrade and organically-produced. The nine certified producers voluntarily subject themselves to strict controls. This involves regular inspections by independent assessors, guaranteeing that the required ecological and social standards are fully adhered to.