• 200 g firm white bread, cut into squares (or use dumpling bread instead)
  • 100 g soft Tufer cheese (Gandhof farm)
  • 50 g onions
  • 30 g butter
  • 2 eggs (Altes Gang Wirtshaus farm)
  • 100 – 150 ml milk
  • 1 tbsp flour
  • 2 tbsp chives or parsley
  • freshly milled pepper
  • Martelltal Valley herb salt (Innertasahof farm)
  • 50 g grated mountain cheese (Niederhof farm)
  • 100 g butter, browned
  • 2 tbsp chives or parsley, finely chopped

    Place the bread in a bowl and pour milk over it.
    Finely chop the onions and brown lightly in a pan with butter.
    Cut the cheese into small cubes and combine into the dumpling bread together with the onions. Now add the eggs, spices and flour, and knead thoroughly (wet your hands). Continue kneading until the dough is compacted.
    Still with wet hands, shape the dough into dumplings and cook in a steamer for approx. 20 min.
    Serve the dumpling portions in a plate, sprinkled with grated mountain cheese and drizzle with browned butter. Add chives or parsley on top as desired.
    Obtaining the right consistency of the dump-ling bread takes a certain amount of practice. The amount of milk to be added depends on how dry the bread is. The right mixture should have a medium consistency.