The municipalities of Stilfs/Stelvio and Martelltal/Val Martello fall entirely within the boundaries of the Stelvio National Park in South Tyrol. Around this high-altitude nature reserve in the shadow of the Ortler Alps, lie the municipalities of Prad/Prato, Glurns/Glorenza, Taufers im Münstertal/Tubre in Val Monastero, Mals/Malles, Laas/Lasa, Schlanders/Silandro, Latsch/Laces andUltental/Val d’Ultimo.

In the valley communities five interactive Visitor Centres are open to the public: naturatrafoi, culturamartell, aquaprad, avimundus and the lahnersäge.

The ten municipalities of the Stelvio National Park share the responsibility for the preservation and upkeep of the nature reserve, which constitutes a sustainable economic model for this Alpine region.