The Stelvio National Park is characterized by Alpine pastures, forests, and above all glaciers and rocky areas, offering world-class opportunities to hikers and mountain climbers. Located among the highest peaks on the South Tyrolean side of the mountain range are extensive areas suitable for mountain hiking, with some expeditions lasting several days, making hiking in the destinations of Stelvio National Park an experience to remember.

The Ortler-Cevedale Group includes some of the highest peaks and widest valleys in the Eastern Alps. The varied hiking opportunities on offer in the National Park range from family hikes along irrigation channels to more challenging hikes leading through coniferous forests up to Alpine pastures and huts, and even several-day mountain tours into the eternal ice world of the glaciers at over 3,900 m above sea level.

Some of the multiple entrances into this versatile hiking paradise in the National Park lead from the high Alpine Martelltal/Val Martello Valley, as well as from Sulden/Solda, Stilfs/Stelvio and Trafoi and also from the rustic Ultental/Val d'Ultimo Valley into the National Park.