At 1,900 m, in the mountain village of Sulden am Ortler/Solda all'Ortles, lies the contemporary MMM Ortles Messner Mountain Museum, which lies underground. Everything here revolves around the theme of ice and life in the glaciers. Inside, light penetrates through a deep crevice as it would from beneath a glacier. Once inside the museum, one has a direct “mountain experience”, so to speak.

At the MMM Ortles, world-famous climber and owner of the museum, Reinhold Messner bears witness to the hardships of living in an icy world and the darkness beneath it, inhabited by ancient snow men and snow lions, how one copes with white-out conditions and his accounts of climbing in the Third Pole. The museum looks at skiing and ice climbing equipment across two centuries and pole riding. It also houses the largest collection of photographs of the Ortler Mountain.