The geological rock composition in the Ortler Cevedale Mountain Range in the Stelvio National Park fall into two main categories. While in the northwest Ortler Group the rocks are formed by sedimentary carbonate such as dolomite, elsewhere there is a prevalence of metamorphic minerals such as mica slate, quartz phyllite and marble, producing a variety of different soil types and conditions.

Over the ages, layers of sedimentary rock have shaped the highest mountains in the national park, including the Königsspitze, Zebrù and Ortler. In the rock substrata, the soils are typically dry with a low humus content. Elsewhere, there are large deposits of metamorphic rocks with significant marble content. This is most evident along the ridge between the Martelltall/Val Martello Valley and the Laaser Tal/Val di Lasa, where the prized pure Lasa marble is mined. The marble quarries between Laas/Lasa, Göflan/Covelano and Martell/Martello in the Jennwandstock mountain are open to the public for guided tours.