At 1,250 m above sea level, Taufers im Münstertal/Tubre in Val Monastero on the south-western edge of South Tyrol lies close to the border with Switzerland. With its clustered houses, this Romanesque village is typical of its Rhaeto-Romanic history and culture. There are still numerous other reminders of the early Romanesque period, including the Church of St. Johann and the nearby Benedictine monastery of St. Johann im Münstertal, also known as "Val Müstair" in the old Rhaeto-Romanic tongue. Dating from the period of Charlemagne, the monastery is today a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site and is at the start of the Alpine Road of Romanesque Art through the Engadine and South Tyrol. Other Romanesque churches and chapels lie in the vicinity as well as the ruins of the Rotund and Reichenberg castles.

Together with the districts of Rifair/Rivaira and Schlossoir, Taufers im Münstertal has around 1,000 inhabitants and is the starting point for numerous hiking trails into the Ortler Region in the Stelvio National Park.