In the Ultental/Val d'Ultimo Valley, the lahnersäge Visitor Centre in St. Gertraud/S. Gertrude explains and documents the vital role of the forests in the National Park. Nearby, a 200-year old Venetian sawmill was discovered and later restored to full functionality.

At the lahnersäge Visitor Centre, the life-cycle of indigenous trees is explained, as well as processing. Demonstrations of traditional workmanship are on display, using the refurbished Venetian saw. The production of boards and other wooden items is demonstrated at the refurbished old sawmill.


The century-old Lahnersäge in Santa Gertrude/St.Gertraud, which until the 80s served as a sawmill to the local farmers in the valley of Val d'Ultimo/Ultental. Today the building is home to the new visitors’ center in the National Park. The old Venetian saw has been restored and is in full working order again.

An entire room is dedicated to the “legend of the forest“, with the smell of pine trees, wood and green forests. Visitors will be enchanted by voices of bird and other local animals, and get a good idea of how the forests have changed in the last decades.

Using a scale model inside the centre you have the possibility to program your excursions from the valley up to the beautiful mountain meadows and the high altitude blue lakes and peaks of over 3000 m. In the forest you will be captivated by the images, the sounds and the voices of the coniferous woodlands. You can delve into the forest undergrowth which holds in each square meter as many organisms as the entire amount of people on the earth.

In the myth of adventure in the forest you can live the changing of night and day as well as the four seasons: Forest with all your senses: you smell the rich ground of the forest, the shout of the deers during rutting season and the sound of water bubbling from the springs.

Entrance fee

Adults: 3 €
Pupils, students, people in military or civil service, people with disabilities, adults (from 65 years of age), groups of at least 10 persons: 2 €
Family Card (2 adults with children under 14 years of age): 7 €
Family Card (1 adult with children under 14 years of age): 4 €
School classes: 1,50 €/pupil
Tour guide (for groups of at least 5 to a max. of 20 persons): 1 € plus the entrance ticket