Stilfser Goldseen lakes

General description
A circuit trail near the Obere Stilfser Alm Alpine refuge leads to the Goldseen Lakes above Stilfs/Stelvio (not to be confused with the Goldsee Lake on the Stelvio Pass). In the high mountain grasslands around these small Alpine lakes, one enjoys an unobstructed view of the Ortler area.
Description to arrive at destination
Take the Trafoi chairlift to the Furkelhütte mountain refuge – then follow trail # 4 followed by # 5A to the Goldseen Lakes. 
The way back is via # 5A – alternatively via # 5, stopping at the Obere Stilfser Alm refuge. 
Take # 4 back to the Furkelhütte mountain hut and then the chairlift back to Trafoi. 
You can also arrive at the Obere Stilfser Alm from Fragges following trail # 2 – or via # 6 from Stilfs.
- two parking lots near the Fragges farmstead at Stilfs 
- Parking lots 1 & 2 in Trafoi
Public transport
- bus line 270, bus stop Hotel Post/a in Trafoi
- bus line 271, bus stop Stilfs Dorf/Stelvio paese in Stilfs/Stelvio
The Stilfser Goldseen Lakes are located above the village of Stilfs, part of a natural system of streams and lakes.
Ufficio per il Parco Nazionale dello Stelvio
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