Gungadria Tour

General description

Leisurely tour through the enchanted Prato forest to the castle ruin above Cengles/Tschengls. A stop at a special cultural guest house.

To reach the ruin of the Cengles Castle above the Venosta Valley, the trail leads from Prato/Prad in the Stelvio National Park in a south-easterly direction to the St. Johann church and further past the “Dürre Ast“ up to the Prato mountain farms. At the branch to Wittenberger Hof farm, the ground changes to gravel and a little later, the highest point has been reached (1,430m) at the streambed. During the descent on gravel and tarmac, the forest curtain opens up and with it, the view to the Tschengslburg castle ruin and the cultural landscape of the Venosta Valley covered with small squares. The view across green meadows on the other side of the valley with the sparse slopes and beautiful summits of the Monte Sole Mountain is, in any event, worthy of a stop to take a photo. You could stop in the Tschengelsburg, at Karl Perfler’s castle restaurant which has been developed to a cultural guest house. Then you leisurely pass the apple orchards and return to Prato at the foot of the imposing Tschenglser Hochwand mountain (3,376 m).

Tip: The field name Gungadria originates from the “Tschrinwiesen” fields at the Nittbach stream. The Romanic term “concha” (muscle) signifies the round or oval area indentations or hollow forms.

Ufficio per il Parco Nazionale dello Stelvio
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