4-gewinnt-13 Trail

General description

Flowing, partially rough trail with wonderful views. You will definitely win on this legendary Laces trail.

The famous trail no. 4 in combination with the panoramic and partially exposed trail no. 13 is a true enrichment. Start at the Malga di Laces mountain hut and go through the green forest landscape until the wayside cross where you turn right into trail no. 4. Continue on sometimes flowing and sometimes rough meadow and forest floor trails that wind through the forest until Plumargun and get you into the right trail mood. Don’t follow the steep and heavily washed out trail no. 4, which has been removed from the trail concept, but take the forest road and turn right into trail no. 13 below the distinctive tree. The slightly exposed flowing and narrow S2 trail turns into a heavy passage with some roots and debris towards the end. The view of the valley offers a wonderful panorama at sunset. Please note: “Share the Trail” sections on the hiking paths! The lower part of trail no. 4 from the forest road at Partschogg onwards as well as paths 4a and 4b are for hikers only!

Ufficio per il Parco Nazionale dello Stelvio
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