Latscher Alm Tour (Malga di Laces)

General description

One of the classic tours on the Laces "Nörderberg" - real alpine pasture food included.

From the car park of the Laces sports stadium (SportForum) we start in a southerly direction to the AquaForum adventure pool, then turn right to the ice stadium (IceForum) and straight to the Latscherhof and then to the forest path in the direction to Magrinböden. The forest path is now moderately steep but constant in the direction of Töbrunn. From there we crank the final stretch slightly up and down to the refreshment stop at the Latscher Alm. Homemade products and good dumplings as well as drinks containing electrolytes delight our bikers hearts. We return to the valley either via the same forest trail, the Tarscher Alm forest trail, the "Roatbrunn trail" (S3) or the "4-wins-13 trail" (S2).

Ufficio per il Parco Nazionale dello Stelvio
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