The Stelvio National Park in South Tyrol is an ideal mountain biking and cycling destination, offering a broad and rewarding holiday experience. Leisure cyclists, road or racing cyclists, mountain bikers, cross-country and enduro bikers, will discover a wide network of well-marked trails for their cycling holiday in the South Tyrol region of the Stelvio National Park.

While some of the single tracks in the valley are suited to beginners, there are also more demanding high-altitude trails to explore. No matter which, the trails to the Alpine pastures and high mountains are easily negotiated with or without an electric motor.

The panoramic cycle tracks and special roads, such as the ancient Roman Via Claudia Augusta or the Stiflserjoch/Stelvio Pass, which is one of the highest in the Alps, attract both recreational road cyclists and racing professionals. With its 48 sharp bends and 1,869 m of altitude difference, the mountain stages of the Giro d'Italia races cross the 2,760 m Stilfserjoch Pass. The Stilfserjoch Pass presents a serious challenge to all experienced cyclists holidaying in South Tyrol. On the annual Stelvio Pass Bike Day the road to the pass remains closed to normal road traffic, allowing cyclists more freedom of movement.