Ortler High Mountain Trail, Stage 1: From the Stelvio Pass to Stilfs/Stelvio

General description

From the Stelvio Pass to Stilfs/Stelvio: 

Difference in height: 335 hm
Descent: 1.811 hm
Length: 18,5 km
Duration: ca. 7,5h

Route description

From the Stelvio Pass (until the Furkel hut, the route follows the ”Goldseeweg“ no. 20) head uphill to Dreisprachenspitze; then continue to Lempruchlager, Goldsee lake and Trusegg, until you reach the Furkel hut. From there, continue along the “Almenweg” path, taking trail no. 4 leading past the Kleinboden fortress to Trada; before reaching the Stilfser Alm alpine pasture. Following the trail no. 6 you will reach the Vallace farms and proceed along the "Höfeweg" trail. From there, pass the Faslar Höfe farm and reach Stelvio on trail no. 1.

Ufficio per il Parco Nazionale dello Stelvio
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