To the rif. Tabaretta/Tabarettahütte

The way to the Tabaretta hut is a wonderful, promising, high altitude hike.

General description

The hut is a popular hiking destination, a pleasant place to rest and look out, and an important base for hikers who're on the way to the Ortler north face. From the sun terrace you have a wonderful view of the imposing Ortler mountains. The Reschensee lake and the Haidersee lake also seem close enough to touch.

Route description

The path to the Tabaretta hut starts at the church in Solda. Follow path no. 4 uphill to the mountain hut. The path no. 8 gets you back to the church.

Description to arrive at destination

From Spondigna/Spondinig via the street to the Stelvio Pass SS 38 to Gomagoi, then left to Solda. At the beginning of the village is the parking area behind the Hotel Bambi. From Spondigna to the parking area is it approx. 20 km.


In order to get to the starting point of the circuit trail in Solda, the parking area at the beginning of the village is the most suitable.

Public transport

If you do not want to travel to Solda by private car, you can use the pubblic transport. With the bus line 271 you get from Prato allo Stelvio/Spondigna to Solda in about half an hour. The bus stop is located directly at the tourist office Solda.

Safety instructions

All the informations about the hike is without guarantee. Hiker should look at the weather forecast and plan the tour as best as possible.

Ufficio per il Parco Nazionale dello Stelvio
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