Walking the path "Lottersteig"

General description

This trail wanders through a well established path network through the meadows and forests above Prato. This hike offers an impressive view of the village of Prato as well as the of the whole upper and lower Venosta valley.

Route description

Starting from the eastern end of the village, continue walking beneath the church of Saint Johann along trail number 7, passing the Kneipp basin until the junction to trail number 5. This is the actual „Lotter“ trail and it goes past the „Platzgernun“ farm until the junction to trail number 3. This descends down to the valley until the centre of the village is reached again.

Description to arrive at destination
FromMerano, aswellasfromtheResiaPass, takethedescentfromSpondinigtoPradamStilfserjoch, totheparkinglotattheentranceofPrad.
FreeparkingattheparkinglotatthevillageentranceofPrad (comingfromSpondinigleft).
Ufficio per il Parco Nazionale dello Stelvio
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