Hike along the Covelano marble trail

Path no. 2B - 3

General description

The Göflaner Marble Trail leads from "Kohlplätze" to the Göflaner marble quarry, known as "Mitterwandlbruch". Although the cave itself is out of bounds for security reasons, this 11-stage theme path tells the story of marble extraction in Göflan.

Route description

Starting Point: Haslhof tavern on Monte Tramontana Mountain in Silandro Route: From Covelano to the Haslhof tavern on Monte Tramontana Mountain, via trail No. 2 to the Kohlplätze field, at the start of the Marble Trail. Duration: 3 hours Hust and inns: Göflaner Alm

description to arrive at destination

From Reschen or Meran to Schlanders/Göflan, from there continue the road high the Nördersberg to the Haslhof tavern.


The car can be parked at the Haslhof tavern parking place.

Public transport

By the Venosta train to Schlanders and by the Citybus to Göflan. Then you have to continue on foot to the Haslhof tavern - additional walking time about 2 hours.

More information on the timetables, see www.sii.bz.it

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