Monte Sole tour at Martello

General description

The hike starts at the visitor center of the Stelvio National Park, culturamartell.

The path guides to Martello - Gand, then across a wooden bridge over the Plima. The path no. 7 brings to the "Steinwandthof". From there a short uphill to a forest road (trail no. 19), past a ruined lime kiln. Now following the slightly uphill forest through the larch forest untill the path no. 1, this less steeper trail along the cross yoke/Kreuzjöchl (2053 m), conduct you through the larch wood. Once at cross yoke/Kreuzjöchl hike to the gap Covelano (path no. 23). In front of you opens a rewarding views of the Val Venosta/Venosta Valley. The path no. 3 leads through the peastures meadow of the Monte Sole at the Val Martello/Martello Valley into the village Martello. From here always the path no. 1 up to the visitor center culturamartell.


Ufficio per il Parco Nazionale dello Stelvio
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