Monte Sole tour at Martello

General description

The hike starts at the visitor center of the Stelvio National Park, culturamartell.

The path guides to Martello - Gand, then across a wooden bridge over the Plima. The path no.7 brings you to the "Steinwandhof". From there a short uphill to a forest road (trail no.19), past a ruined lime kiln. Now following the slightly uphill forest through the larch forest until the path no.1, this less steeper trail along the Kreuzjöchl (2053m), conduct you through the larch wood. Once at Kreuzjöchl, hike to the gap Covelano (path no.23). In front of you opens a rewarding view over the Venosta Valley. The path no.3 leads you through the peastures meadow of the Monte Sole at the Val Martello into the village of Martello. From there take always the path no.1 up to the visitor center culturamartell.


Ufficio per il Parco Nazionale dello Stelvio
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