Glacier tour Val Martello

General description

The Glacier Trail begins at the parking area near the Enzianhütte at the end of Val Martello. It is divided into 9 sections and can cope in a circular route of about 10 kilometers and an overcoming of 600 meters. The hike is divided into stages and can be shortened or committed in a different order. All in all the tour takes 4 hours.

Stage 1: From the parking area to the Zufallhütte - 30 Minutes
Stage 2: From the Zufallhütte to the Plima wall - 15 minutes
Stage 3: From the Plima wall to the waterfall - 30 Minutes
Stage 4: Rise to Talschwelle - 30 Minutes
Stage 5: To the glacier front of the High Ferners - 30 Minutes
Stage 6: From the glacier front to the left moraine - 15 minutes
Stage 7: From the moraine to Martell Hut - 15 minutes
Stage 8: From the Martell Hut back to the Plima wall - 30 Minutes
Stage 9: From the Plima wall to the ex Hotel Paradiso - 30 Minutes

Ufficio per il Parco Nazionale dello Stelvio
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