Strawberry Trail

General description

At numerous stations, the Strawberry Trail in Val Martello demonstrates the production process of the high quality berries, leading past fields of strawberries and the farms of growers. Val Martello is not known as the “Valley of Berries” for nothing!

Route description

The Strawberry Trail begins directly at the Trattla sports and leisure center, near the Alto Adige Strawberry World cooperative. This hike leads through diverse natural and cultural landscapes and also past farms and private property, where the people are only too happy to offer visitors insights into their work and way of life. Numerous information boards provide more detailed information and learning in a fun way. Of course you can stop by en route at the farms for refreshments and enjoy local specialities.

Description to arrive at destination

Along the state road until Coldrano into de Venosta Valley, at the roundabout in the direction Val Martello Valley, past the village Morter and further into the Val Martello Valley. Or you can take the train to Coldrano and then by bus into the Val Martello Valley.

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