Ski Tour to the Tuckettspitze Peak

From Trafoi mountain village to Tuckettspitze peak.

General description

From Trafoi mountain village to Tuckettspitze peak. In the west of South Tyrol, home to the sprawling Ortler region, the little village of Trafoi is perched at an elevation of nearly 1,570 m. The charming surroundings and the pristine nature of Stilfserjoch National Park are ideal for hikes and tours of all kinds, with breathtaking panoramic views over the Alps drawing tourists and locals alike to the Trafoi glacier region year after year. Ski tourers reaching Tuckettspitze peak will be greeted with a unique Alpine panorama.

Route description

The starting point is the Weisser Knott restaurant (1,875 m) above Trafoi. Because the road is closed, park in the village. First follow the Stilfserjoch pass road as far as bend no. 30 where the trail bears to the left (marker no. 13) leading into the valley. In the valley, climb through hollows and up to the left below rocks until the first slopes begin to get steep. Cross a ridge and go up through the hollow of a steep slope into an area of flat ground. Follow this slightly to the left until arriving below the next steep slope. Cross this up to the right of a crevasse zone. You should now find yourself in a large, flat glacier basin (2,860 m). Cross to the left to the base of the northern ridge of the Tuckettspitze peak (3,459 m). Ascend to the uppermost northern ridge to the right of the crevasse.

Description to arrive at destination

From Spondinig/Spondigna via Stilfserjoch pass road SS 38, heading straight on as far as Trafoi.
It is approx. 14 km from Spondinig to the car park of the cable car in Sulden.


As the road is blocked from Trafoi onwards, you should park in the village.
Use the car park below the Hotel Gustav Thöni.

Public transport

If you would rather not travel to Sulden by car, you also have the option of using public transport. The no. 271 bus will bring you to Trafoi in a little over half an hour and the bus stop is located next to the car park below the Hotel Gustav Thöni.

Safety instructions

No liability can be assumed for any information provided on ski tours, snowshoe hikes, etc.
You must check the snow and weather conditions on site.

For information on the current avalanche conditions:
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