Winter hike to the Stilfser Alm Alpine farm

Through snowy meadows and forests to the Obere Stilfser Alm Alpine farm.

General description

This leisurely winter hike along an Alpine and farm trail leads to the Untere and Obere Stilfser Alm Alpine farms. Hikers follow a gentle forest trail through snowy meadows and forests to the Obere Stilfser Alm Alpine farm (2,077 m).

Route description

The starting point for this beautiful winter hike is the car park above Fragges in Stilfs/Stelvio. Head along forest trail no. 2 as far as the wildlife reserve. Once there, take the fork to the right and stay on trail no. 2 until you reach the Untere Stilfser Alm Alpine farm. As the route to the Untere Stilfser Alm Alpine farm largely follows the forest road, it is not a difficult hike. Departing from the Untere Stilfser Alm, it takes around 30 minutes to climb up to the somewhat higher Obere Stilfser Alm Alpine farm.

description to arrive at destination

From Spondinig/Spondigna via Stilfserjoch pass road SS 38 to Gomagoi, then right to Stilfs.
Keep following the signs for “Wildgehege – Fragges” [Fragges wildlife reserve].


Public car park just above Fragges.

Public transport
    • Bus 271 “Spondinig – Trafoi/Sulden”
All timetables and additional information available at:
Safety instructions

No liability can be assumed for any information provided. Hiker should look at the weather forecast and plan the tour as best as possible. 

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