Named after the mighty Ortler-Cevedale Group that rises to 3,905 m, a 100 or so glaciers in the Stelvio National Park rest on the 50 km length and 40 km breadth of the mountain massif. The glaciers are accessed from the Vinschgau/Val Venosta valley or the Martelltal/Val Martello and Ultental/Val d'Ultimo side valleys, as well as from the Valtellina and the province of Trentino, to the west and the south respectively.

Almost the entire Ortler Massif falls into the Stelvio National Park, covering an area of more than 53 km2, with a number of hiking and climbing routes. The nearby Königsspitze (3,851 m) and Cevedale (3,778 m) are among the highest summits in the Alps. With its imposing 3,000 m summits, the villages of Sulden/Solda and Trafoi in the Ortler Region of the Stelvio National Park have been transformed into popular hiking and mountaineering destinations. The challenging Zufallspitze (3,757 m) and Suldenspitze (3,387 m) also attract experienced mountaineers.

On the foothills of the Ortler Massif, the highlands in the Ultental Valley are also popular mountain hiking routes. Well-marked trails crisscross the high pastures and steep slopes, passing mountain lakes before reaching the rocky terrain above the tree line. Challenging mountain routes start from the Weißbrunnsee lake at the back end of the Ultental, leading up to the peaks of the Hintere Eggenspitze (3,443 m) and Zufrittspitze (3,439 m).

Did you know that...
...experience, local knowledge and the right equipment are not all that is needed for safe hiking and climbing in the mountains. You also need up to date information about what kind of climate and possible snow conditions to expect. There are a number of guided tours to choose from, led by experienced local mountain guides from the Ortler Alpinschule and the Feel the Mountains Mountaineering Schools.